Product: Which FLIR Cx-Series camera is right for you?

The FLIR Cx-Series compact thermal cameras are pocket-portable inspection tools for building, facilities maintenance, HVAC/R, electrical repair, and other troubleshooting applications. FLIR recently released three new upgrades to the popular Cx-Series: the FLIR C3-X, FLIR C5, and FLIR Cx5 with built-in FLIR Ignite™ cloud connectivity that allows direct data transfer, storage, and backup, so images are always […]

Using FLIR Thermal Imaging as part of a NFPA 70B Compliant Inspection Program

NFPA 70B details preventive maintenance for electrical, electronic, and communication systems and equipment — such as those used in industrial plants, institutional and commercial buildings, and large multi-family residential complexes — to prevent equipment failures and worker injuries.. In the world of modern technology, thermography has revolutionized the way we inspect and maintain various systems […]

Product: FLIR T-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

High Performance Thermal Imaging Whether it’s your responsibility to maintain a factory’s uptime or keep the power flowing through distribution networks, FLIR T-Series thermal cameras offer the flexibility, precision, and features needed to inspect equipment safely and prevent breakdowns. These high-quality thermal imaging cameras pair outstanding range and resolution with the ergonomics professional thermographers need […]

Article: What is FLIR MSX? – Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging Explained

FLIR’s patented MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology adds visible light details to thermal images in real time delivering greater clarity, embedding edge and outline detail onto thermal readings. How does it work? Based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor, this innovative technology uses an internal digital camera to enhance thermal images in real time. Key details […]

Webinar: Help Your Customers Save Energy With FLIR

As energy costs continue to increase, we are all increasingly thinking about how we can prevent energy loss and make sure our homes are more energy efficient. Teledyne FLIR will show you the different areas where energy loss can occur in home environments. They will discuss examples of inefficiencies in specific areas of the home […]

Article: Reduce Domestic Energy Costs with FLIR Thermal Imaging Tools

The global energy crisis is hitting homes and businesses hard across the UK and Europe, with many people feeling their energy costs are spiraling out of control. According to the Department for Energy, Business and Industrial Strategy, domestic fuel prices in the UK have increased by 60% compared to 2021. And the recent Business Energy […]

Article: Preventing Plant and Site Failures with the FLIR Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera

Read how SPI Inspections deployed the new FLIR Si124 Thermal Acoustic Camera to assist with critical system and infrastructure inspections. SPI Inspections provides their customers with top-notch utility system and infrastructure inspections, relying on their extensive experience in the field and advanced inspection technology. The team uses UAVs, FLIR thermal cameras, and other high-tech equipment […]