Product: FLIR T-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

High Performance Thermal Imaging

Whether it’s your responsibility to maintain a factory’s uptime or keep the power flowing through distribution networks, FLIR T-Series thermal cameras offer the flexibility, precision, and features needed to inspect equipment safely and prevent breakdowns. These high-quality thermal imaging cameras pair outstanding range and resolution with the ergonomics professional thermographers need to work comfortably all day long. From the 180° optical block rotation on T500-Series models, to the OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system designed exclusively for the T1K, the T-Series offers the next level in design and performance.


Simplify thermal inspections and spend less time in the field with this new generation of ergonomic T-Series cameras. From the 180° rotating optical block to the simplified state-of-the-art connectivity, the T500-Series will help you find hot spots and potential faults quickly and efficiently.

The T800-Series simplify inspections  thanks to the color viewfinder and bright LCD display. The 180° rotating lens and ergonomic design help user diagnose failing components, while the optional 6° telephoto lens ensures accurate temperature measurement of targets from farther distances.

FLIR T-Series Videos

An introduction to the FLIR T-Series Thermal Imaging Camera 

An overview of the FLIR T-Series Menu Systems & Measurement Options 

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The FLIR T-Series thermal imaging cameras are available from Di-Log Energy today. 

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