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Why add a Power Quality Health Check Report?

The Power Quality Health Check report goes beyond the basic analysis offered by the standard test equipment download software, to produce a detailed analysis of your sites survey data. By using the downloaded datafile from your power quality analyser or portable energy logger, we are able to look at key power quality and energy measurements to present the results along with comments and recommendations for remedial solutions to common power and energy problems such as over-voltage, poor power factor, harmonic voltage distortion and harmonic current emissions.

What can we do with your survey data?

We analyse and use your own data to produce a standardised report. This means that if you have different analysers or hire alternative models over the course of a contract the reports and results are always presented in a uniform format to your clients.

  • A simple traffic light system is used to present the results and highlights areas such as power factor, total harmonic distortion (THD) and individual harmonics that may need further investigation or that should be monitored as an advisory measure.

We also use the data to make comments and observations for you on remedial solutions such as:

  • Voltage Optimisation
    Voltage level in the UK was harmonised to 230/400V as defined in EN50160. However as installations across the UK typically demonstrates a voltage in the region of 240V or sometimes higher, lowering the voltage can sometimes help improve energy efficiency. Results can vary depending on the electrical load, with a 1% decrease in voltage potentially reducing power consumption by 2%.

  • Power Factor Correction
    Power factor correction has been a commonly used solution for a number of years. By using capacitors to improve the phase angle between voltage and current, your power factor is increased and reactive power is reduced. Depending on your electrical contract you may be billed separately for your kW consumptions and kVAR. Reducing the reactive power can improve your energy efficiency and can also lead to reduced energy costs. As sites evolve, our Power Quality Health Check survey can help identify if your existing PFC is still sufficient to produce good power factor and also it can also help identify equipment in need of service and maintenance.

  • Harmonic Filtering
    Modern electrical loads and installations produce harmonics as results of their normal operation. All electrical consumers including domestic, industrial, retails, administrate and commercial are responsible for any harmonics emissions they produce and need to ensure they do not cause any issues on their local electrical network. Harmonic filtering helps to reduce and to mitigate any issues that can cause voltage distortion or harmonic currents causing degradation of cables, equipment or transformers.
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