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Advanced Thermal Cameras (Ex Series)

FLIR Ex Series 

FLIR Ex-Series cameras are powerful troubleshooting tools for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. With resolution options up to 320 × 240 infrared pixels and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 550°C/-4°F to 1022°F (E6-XT with Wi-Fi and E8-XT with Wi-Fi), the Ex-Series has models to fit your target size, working distance, visual detail needs, and budget.


Introducing the FLIR Ex Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

the ultimate solution for precise temperature measurement and infrared imaging. Designed with cutting-edge technology and built to deliver exceptional performance, these cameras are a game-changer in the field of thermal imaging.

With the FLIR Ex Series, you can effortlessly detect and visualise temperature variations, enabling you to identify potential issues before they become critical. Whether you're an electrician, building inspector, or maintenance professional, these cameras provide valuable insights that help you make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and ensure safety.

Equipped with high-resolution sensors and FLIR's advanced thermal imaging technology, the Ex Series cameras capture crisp, detailed images with exceptional accuracy. They offer a wide temperature range and a variety of lens options, allowing you to adapt to various applications and environments.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operating the FLIR Ex Series cameras a breeze. Featuring a large, vibrant display, these cameras provide a clear and precise view of thermal images, enabling you to quickly identify hotspots, cold spots, and temperature anomalies.

The FLIR Ex Series cameras are built to withstand tough conditions and offer rugged durability. They are compact and lightweight, ensuring portability and ease of use in the field. Additionally, these cameras are equipped with extensive connectivity options, allowing for seamless data transfer and integration with other devices and software.

Safety is a top priority, and the FLIR Ex Series cameras excel in providing reliable detection of potential hazards. Whether you're inspecting electrical systems, HVAC equipment, or conducting building diagnostics, these cameras offer a non-contact, non-destructive method to identify problems, troubleshoot faults and prevent costly damages.

The FLIR Ex Series Thermal Imaging Cameras are backed by FLIR's renowned reputation for innovation and quality. With their advanced features, unmatched performance, and user-friendly design, these cameras empower professionals across various industries to work more efficiently, enhance productivity, and ensure safety. Stay ahead of the curve with the FLIR Ex Series and experience the power of thermal imaging technology like never before.