Seaward Halo Hook


Seaward Halo Hook

Introducing the Seaward Halo Hook, a voltage detector tailored for overhead line systems with a maximum voltage of 36 kV.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for use on overhead line systems up to 36 kV, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of voltage levels.
  • Equipped with user-friendly membrane switches, making it simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Features an LCD display for clear readout of voltage measurements and a battery indicator to keep track of power levels.

Part Number: 205A910

Seaward Halo Hook

Introducing the Seaward Halo Hook, a portable open-core current transformer designed for precise measurement of high voltage conductor currents in the range of 0 to 2000 amps. This device is suitable for use on system voltages up to 36kV.

Key Features of the Seaward Halo Hook:

  • The instrument is applied using insulated operating poles, which can be quickly and easily attached to the base of the instrument using a ‘universal spline’ attachment.
  • The Halo is wrapped around the conductor, allowing for accurate measurement of the peak reading of the root mean square (rms) current.
  • The measured current value is displayed and retained on a large and clear LCD display until reset.
  • This versatile instrument finds applications in spot load surveys, phase balancing on primary and secondary circuits, and monitoring current flow through high voltage fuses to assess their integrity.
  • The rugged design ensures durability, making it ideal for field use, and it is trusted by power utilities worldwide.
  • The package includes a padded carrying case and comprehensive instructions for ease of use.

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