Sonel PVM-1020 Solar PV Test Kit


 | Features

  • It can be used for category 1 measurements according to IEC 62446-1.
  • AUTO mode for performing a sequence of measurements after one press of the START button.
  • It converts measured parameters into STC conditions according to IEC 60891 by cooperation with the IRM-1 solar radiation and temperature meter.
  • reSYNC function – automatic completion of results with environmental parameters and their conversion to STC conditions after restoring connection with IRM-1.
  • The built-in LoRa radio interface ensures cooperation with the IRM-1 meter over long distances.
  • Built-in Bluetooth module for communication with a computer.
  • Large measurement memory: 100 objects with 40 cells each.
  • Backlit display and buttons.

Introducing the Sonel PVM-1020, a comprehensive solution for precise measurement and analysis of photovoltaic (PV) systems. With capabilities ranging from open circuit voltage assessment to insulation resistance measurement, and from AC/DC power measurement to diode testing, the Sonel PVM-1020 Solar PV Test Kit offers unparalleled versatility for professionals in the renewable energy industry.

PVM-1020 | Measured parameters

  • The open circuit voltage of the PV panel or a chain of panels, up to 1000V DC.
  • RMS voltage of the AC network up to 600 V with frequency measurement.
  • Short circuit current of a PV panel or chain of panels – up to 20 A DC.
  • Insulation resistance of PV panels – measuring voltage of 250, 500 or 1000 V, simultaneous measurement of two values: RISO+ and RISO-.
  • Insulation resistance of AC circuits – measuring voltage 250, 500 or 1000 V.
  • Resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bonding with ± 200 mA current. Low-current resistance measurement, audible and visual signalling.
  • Measurement of PV panels operating current and AC current – all with external clamp.
  • AC/DC power Measurement.
  • Diode test with 200 mA current, automatic polarity detection. Test of blocking diodes with 1000V DC voltage.

PVM-1020 | What’s Included?

  • PVM-1020 Photovoltaic meter
  • IRM – Solar radiation and temperature meter
  • Solar radiation meter mounting kit for PV panels
  • 1.2m Test lead
  • Crocodile clips
  • Pin probe
  • MC4 socket adapters
  • C-PV Clamp
  • Temperature measurement probes (For testing PV Panels and ambient temperature)
  • 5v Power supply with USB 2.0
  • L4 Carrying Case

Download DataSheet for the Sonel PVM-1020 HERE

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