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Our Services

Di-Log Energy offer customers the largest complete range of Solar test equipment, Thermal Imaging solutions and Energy assessment devices. Our mix of specialist energy services are supported by an in-house team of energy experts available to advise on procurement, setup and training and data reporting analysis. All engineers are well experienced using tools and equipment from the likes of FLIR, Chauvin Arnoux and Seaward Solar.

Di-LOG Energy

Qualified Trainers

Our team of engineers, based at our Group Head office in Manchester are qualified in a variety of disciplines. 

These include: 

  • Thermography and Infrared testing, 
  • Energy Monitoring 
  • Power and Energy usage analysis
  • Solar installations

In addition to providing professional guidance and assistance on all of our products, we provide comprehensive training modules in all of the above along with professional consultancy to support with specific project requirements.


Di-LOG Energy

Why Choose Di-Log Energy?

Reduce Risks

Identifying and addressing issues before they become a risk saves you time and money


All surveys and inspections can be conducted without removing components or damaging equipment

Zero Downtime

Our survey process does not interrupt your day-to-day operation

Call Di-Log Energy today to discuss your surveying needs and to get a free, no-obligation quote.


Di-LOG Energy


Di-Log Energy offer a range of survey options for customers looking to start an energy related project requiring Thermal imaging, Solar PV or Energy Monitoring. 

Our Thermographic Inspections are an ideal way to:

  • Inspect issues in buildings and structures such as moisture and leaks
  • Monitor the condition of plant equipment and machinery
  • Diagnose faults in complex electrical installations

Our Energy Monitoring Surveys are conducted in non-intrusive manner with zero downtime to your business. Energy loggers and analysers are deployed, monitoring consumption to identify:

  • Issues in installations such as harmonics, transients and inrush currents
  • Problems with power factor and power supply
  • Pre-installation surveys for PV / EV
  • Energy useage analysis
  • Carbon footprint and offsetting

We use this data to provide you with a report, making recommendations to improve energy efficiencies and reduce cost.

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electrician training on thermal imaging camera equipment
Di-LOG Energy


Using thermographic and energy monitoring equipment requires the right training from experienced facilitators. At Di-Log Energy, we are able to provide this training to industry-standard levels, allowing you to confidently operate a wide selection of equipment safely and accurately. We are a leading provider of thermal imaging training, teaching our clients to operate to ISO 18436+ standards. We offer both accredited and certified options in thermal imaging and energy monitoring training so, if you wish to add that particular skill to your list of services, we can provide the appropriate, industry-recognised qualification.

We run several training courses throughout the year, with new dates published regularly, as soon as they are available. We provide full training and certification for the following:

  • Thermal Imaging Award 1
  • Thermal Imaging Category 1 Qualification
  • Thermal Imaging Category 2 Qualification
  • Energy Monitoring – Award 1

Call Di-Log Energy today to discuss your training needs and to book a session on our next available training course.



Di-LOG Energy


The calibration of energy equipment is essential to ensure accuracy of the measurement and reliability of the data produced by the device. Di-Log Energy partner with another member of the Di-Log Group, Re-Cal Calibration Services to offer an in-house specialized service for calibrating all makes and models of equipment.

Thermal cameras should be sent to us for an annual calibration and service check.  

Energy monitoring devices are setup prior to dispatch to ensure you can begin your energy assessment immediately. 

Included within our service is a data download where we extract the information from the device and provide this in a report form to you. This contains analysis of useage and consumption and the data is used to help reduce cost and energy useage.

Call Di-Log Energy today to discuss your calibration needs and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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Di-LOG Energy

Data and Reporting

When it comes to Data and Reporting we offer a full range of post sale services that bring your recorded data to life. This means taking your reported data and analysing it in a way that leads to business improvements, changes or remedies. A Di-Log Energy report with a simple traffic light system and report assists organisations identify where they should be focusing their efforts when it comes to fault finding, energy efficiency and cost savings.

Reports can be white labelled, where you can add your own company branding direct to the report. This allows you to reinforce you brand with your customers, while also adding another service to your offering.