Webinar: Help Your Customers Save Energy With FLIR

As energy costs continue to increase, we are all increasingly thinking about how we can prevent energy loss and make sure our homes are more energy efficient. Teledyne FLIR will show you the different areas where energy loss can occur in home environments. They will discuss examples of inefficiencies in specific areas of the home and will deep dive into how the FLIR Cx Series (C3 & C5) Compact and Professional IR cameras (Ex and Exx Series) enable you to help your customers understand where and how they can save energy. 

Whether you work in building construction, building inspections, energy management or a home-owner you can benefit from viewing these recorded webinars from FLIR.

You will learn how Teledyne FLIR technology can help homes & businesses reduce the impact of the energy crisis, detect inefficiencies and contribute to lower energy costs overall; and lower bills.

More information on the FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras discussed can be found here:

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